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GOLD, DIAMONDS & now COINS! are they an alternative Asset Class that are portable and collectable and could be classed as art and part of your preparation for your future financial security.


Gold comes in bars or coins and is called bullion, Quality diamonds of a specific size, quality and colour are rare, Quality Coins such as British that date history over 1000 years have quietly been held by collector/investors offer another alternative safe-haven asset class and diversification for future protection against inflation.


A diversification from regular Asset Classes such as Stocks, Shares, Bonds. Property etc. Calculated investment returns show an increase over different periods, I decided that figures  be explained by individual advisers.


Coins, Diamonds and Gold are a tangible safe-haven. Today we look for diversity to our portfolio as well as a matrix that gives us the possibilities to protect our wealth and counter inflation will be part of the future. 


Turbulent world economy

The turbulent world economy has created an increased number of questions, not least is whether the capitalist world as we know it changed forever from 2008? Will individuals have to take a greater responsibility in their future planning in investments? How will, or could alternative investments such as coins play a part in the future of an overall planning matrix to pay for our children’s future education or pension funding?  Will the retirement age need to be increased to 70 or 72? Will company dividends and capital growth support the growing numbers of regular savers for their later retirement? How will banking changes alter the banks responsibility and perspective to its clients?


New Collectors and Investors first buy a book on “coin collecting” and begin to understand what has made collecting coins the hobby of Kings, Princes, Emperors, Arch Bishops to name a few over two thousand years of history. Coins are history; they date history and started over 2500 years ago.


What will be the effect of sovereign debt in the future? Remember for as long as coins have been minted, gold has been the only metal to measure value. Ask yourself, if governments print 4%-8% more paper yearly what your money is valued at in one generation.  This is serious, see  you will be shocked. 


Anything written here is a private view of the future and not investment advice that can be better filled by the expert in these fields.


Everything connected to coin collecting or shall we say ‘money’ seems to attract so many collectors that the market seems at present to have no ending of demand for quality and supported by what is in vogue at a period of time, well money has been around a long time.

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Well, coins are goods not really needed for daily life. Unlike some modern inventions where the creators must persuade the customers first they would need it, coins bear a lot of things speaking for itself. Once sold, a coin becomes a thing which fascinates the buyer to collect. The reason of it is simple: every coin is a puzzle. A piece of history, a piece of life. A bundle of concentrated information screaming for making it out. Once possessing a coin of one country you ask automatically what kind of coins would circulate in another countries, same country under another rule or another time. Yet before somebody asks they should come in contact with a coin. That is the role which is to be played by numismats, which means people already being involved into this fascinating world.

The Alpha and Omega of every investment is the interest while the essential thing of every interest is the promotion. You can also call it "missionary work". Explain it to people not knowing this fascinating world and they will follow you. Make their lives more interesting by opening them the new dimentions, the fact that a small piece of metal in their hands always does have a huge and fascinating story behind it. Doing so you produce interest. Producing interest you will get an investment class automatically.

This is also the reason why I made an effort to create this global network. "Workers of the world, unite!" was the slogan having been a curse of many peoples all around the world. "Collectors of the world, unite!" should be the motto making the world better without any harm for anybody.

So help us here by promoting coin collecting. You can start now by INVITING ALL YOUR FRIENDS to join our community. Get started now!


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