What is it? - Please help to identify!

11. Coin with St. Antony (Antonius) & double eagle.

SA... ANTONIVS (head) S-A, Size: 16mm

Answer: Italy CORREGGIO Quattrino 1569-97 copper

10. Hupeh Province 10 cash - strange characters?

A 10 cash coin from Hupeh Province having strange caracters in the legend of the RV(side without dragon) above and in the moddle circle (between the four characters). Can anybody identify this? Sorry, the coin is quite weakly struck.

Answer: It is Kiangnan 10 Cash CD1907, Y# 10k

9. Liard of Liege ND (1612-1650)?

The coin looks like the Liard of Ferdinand of Bavaria, Bishop of Liege (1612-1650), KM # 42 but bears a strange image between the letters F & B instead of the monument of Liege. The readable part of the legend says: AV(arms): COL CRISTO / RV (F-B): EPISCO I.. MAR FRNC CO ....

Answer: Stavelot-Malmedy, Abbey, Liard ND Ferdinand of Bavaria (1612-1650)

8. Liard of Low Countries, ND (16th-17th century)

The Legend readable is: AV (arms) FERDINAND ... ELISABETH / RV (F-B): DE * LIN ...

The coin looks like the liards of Liege and bears the monument like the arms of Liege.

Answer: Reckheim, Liard ND Ferdinand of Aspremont-Lynden (1636-1665)

7. 2007 Great Wall silver medal from China.

Size: 25mm. Can anyone translate the inscription, please?

Answer:The medal commemorates the 10th Anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong to China.


6. A fake Russian Pattern 2 Kopeks 1802 of Alexander I (Kaim # 173), size: 30mm, struck on USSR 3 Kopeks 1924 (plain edge), Y#78) which traces are well visible on both sides. I believe this coin to be an old (ca. 1927) counterfeit on behalf of the government of the young Soviet state. Does anybody know anything about those counterfeits?It does not seem to be a modern fake (the value side might be even struck with an original die but the flan was altered extremely bad for a modern fake!)

5. Unknown token (Spanish or Latin American) or local issue(?):

25 Centimos / Lion (no date). Copper or brass, size: 25mm. Not found in Rulau


4. Unknown medieval pfennig


3. Is this Russian silver 1856 25 Kopeks Proofor not? The fields are mirror-like, the relief is matte.


2. Is it a type of corrosion or a flan error?


1. A cut piece of the Spanish colonial 8 Reales, counterstamp unknown. Please help to identify!


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